Casual days at Home

Working from home has become the new norm for so many around the world as a result of Covid. As someone who’s been working from home for the last 5 years, I thought I’d share some tips

  1. Wake up 1 hour before the kids. During this time, shower and get dressed – Before your coffee! Once you get to the kitchen and start your day with your coffee, the likelihood of you going back to get ready for the day diminishes and as a result, you’ll end up in PJ’s until 11am (or all day like I’ve done on multiple occasions!). Staying in PJ’s is totally acceptable BTW! But, getting ready in the AM- even if you have no where to go will make you feel WAY MORE PRODUCTIVE! At least, for me it does.
  2. Pick your clothes the night before. It REALLY helps to pick out your clothes ahead of time so you’re not always reaching for the same leggings and sweater. Refined comfort is how I like to dress around the house.

Here’s yesterday’s work from home outfit- plus the coat and shoes for when I had to head out for school drop off/pick up.

Sweater- Size small. Slightly oversized – especially in the arms. SO SO SOFT and only $39.

Top – Only $17.99 and the perfect layering piece. TTS

Joggers – Size 2 short. Can’t say enough good things about these. Comfrotable like a jogger, refined like denim.

Slippers – I always see up in slippers for comfort

This Coat sold out in a day and with good reason- looks designer but snagged it around $50 on a 50% off day. I’ve stocking it for a restock and will share when/if it comes back.

The boots are only 39.99!!! They are stocked in all sizes, come in different fabrications and are such a versatile and comfortable boot style to add to your wardrobe

The bag was a steal and already sold out so I’ll keep my eye on a restock.

Watch the whole thing come together in this reel

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