Gift Guide for Him

With the help of my husband and brother, I’ve curated a gift guide for the man in your life! Hope you Enjoy!! You can click the image to shop everything through Like to Know or you can scroll to the bottom and shop each item directly!



  1. A new Coat – Tony says a new coat at Christmas is a nice treat to start the winter off right. He says it’s not normally something he would buy himself so getting it as a gift is perfect
  2. Blundstones– As per Tony and Alex; every man needs a pair!
  3. Airpods– Tony uses his air pods to listen to books, talk on the phone and listen to music. He says the battery life is amazing also!
  4. Carhartt Hat– Tony and Alex both have this. Tony thinks it makes him one of the cool kids LOL
  5. Yeti Tumbler– It’s a bougie water bottle- what more can I say? LOL
  6. Laptop Bag – Another one of those items my husband would use until its breaking at the seams. Updating their laptop bag is a nice little gift to start the new year
  7. Scarf– I mean, who doesn’t love a new scarf for Christmas?
  8. Saxx Underwear – Ok, as per Tony, these are worth the investment! Apparently they’re the best darn underwear he’s ever worn.
  9. Garmin Watch– This one depends on his personality. If he’s a runner, go Garmin. If he wants it to stay easily connected, go with the Apple Watch
  10. Custom Nike’s – One of Tony’s Fav gifts EVER!!!! I completely customized the colours, wrote his initials and the box even said “Nike’s by Vanessa”. Such a thoughtful gift.
  11. Face Socks – Snap a pic of yourself and send it over to Cute Tee’s to add to the socks Pick your sock colour and voila!
  12. Cologne – Tony’s fav is Tom Ford but really, any new cologne is a fun idea for the holiday

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