Busting Myths with Dr. Dina

I have been a Pampers mom since having my first child, nearly 6 years ago. Picking a diaper brand is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your new baby; it is the only thing that will touch your baby’s skin for 24 hours a day, every day. That’s why it’s so important to be educated about skin health and the effects diapers can have on your baby’s skin.

During the first three years of their life, a baby’s skin is the most vulnerable it will ever be, that’s why our pediatrician recommended we use Pampers and I’ve never looked back. I sat down with Dr. Dina, paediatrician and mom of 4, to discuss some skin care myths and here’s what she had to say:

[Vanessa]: Dr. Dina, is it true that anything organic is safe?

[Dr. Dina]: There’s a common misconception that anything organic is safe, but organic doesn’t mean gentle, or that it will not cause irritation.

[Vanessa]: Do scented products cause diaper rash?

[Dr. Dina]: Rashes are more often caused by things like irritants in pee and poo, changes in pH levels, wet skin, and friction.

All babies are different, so if your baby has very sensitive skin, I recommend consulting your pediatrician or healthcare provider for the best option.

[Vanessa]: Thicker Diapers absorb better. Is this a myth?

[Dr. Dina]: Think about feminine hygiene products: thin doesn’t necessarily mean less absorbent. You don’t want a diaper that’s too bulky, as that could limit your baby’s movements.

[Vanessa]: Is it true only babies with sensitive skin get rashes?

[Dr. Dina]: Every baby will experience rashes. Their skin is delicate and more vulnerable to rashes when wet.

[Vanessa]: Baby’s diaper must be changed every three hours, even overnight.

[Dr. Dina]: Diapers have come a long way! Today’s diapers are very absorbent and don’t leave the skin wet. If baby is sleeping well, and is not getting rashes, they can be left to sleep in the same diaper all night.

To learn more about baby skin health visit pampers.ca (Linked to https://www.pampers.ca/en-ca/newborn-baby/care/article/baby-skin-care )

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