Save Vs. Splurge: Athleisure

You all know I LOVE my athleisure style so I thought it’d be fun to share a save vs. splurge post of some must-have athleisure pieces.

High-Waisted Leggings The perfect pair of high-waisted leggings is a must for athleisure! or motherhood….or life…

Whether athleisure for you means hitting the gym or the grocery store, you can’t go wrong with high-waisted black leggings. The Save Leggings are on sale for under $30 and give you a comfortable, buttery soft feel and snug, like a gentle hug fit, in a breathable fabric. If you want something that offers a little more, the Splurge Leggings are made of high-performance fabric which will give you more control when it comes to sweat.

Oversized Crew Neck I’ve been buying the save oversized crew for about a year now- you can sometimes find them as low as $12 in certain colours. Size up 3 sizes for an oversized look. The Splurge Oversized Crew will offer better fabric and a slightly balloon sleeve. You can order your typical size here, as it’s made to fit oversized.

Tennis Shoes Obviously, we need the perfect pair of tennis shoes for this athleisure look. The save option is on sale for under $25 right now! The Splurge version are a classic(and 25% off today!). I have both the save and splurge – you’ll notice the difference in construction- but if you’re going for look; you can get away with either!

Belt Bag So we have quite the difference in price here; the save option is a great choice to achieve the look, but if quality is your #1, the splurge option is sooo dreamy.

Sunglasses Ahh, I looooove my Save Option for these sunglasses. I used to (pre-kids!) splurge on sunnies, but once I had kids who yanked them off my face, things started to change. Not to mention, when I’m running around with the kids, I’m most likely tossing things in my bag rather than properly storing my sunnies. So until I’m able to properly care for sunnies again, I will gladly enjoy my $30 save option. See you in a few years, Splurge option.

Ball Cap I’m obsessed with a good ball cap and I must admit, quality here does make a difference. Since the splurge option isn’t significantly more, and I do wear these often, I would say- SPLRUGE! If ball caps aren’t your thing and you just want one to see if it’s something you’ll wear, try out the save option.

Hope you enjoyed these fun SAVE OR SPLURGE!



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