Shellac at Home

Since covid started, we’ve been adapting a lot of our routines and doing my nails at home is one of those.

I’ve tried every nail polish and they ALL CHIP, unless, it’s shellac.

I’ve started doing my shellac at home.

Here’s a list of everything I used:

portable electric nail drill

Base and Top coat

UV Light


Here’s my process

Step 1. I use this portable electric nail drill to shave off my existing shellac

Step 2. Base coat then under the UV Light for 60 seconds

Step 3. You’re going to do 3 layers of colour. The first coat will look a little bit transparent.

Here’s what you’ll want to do:

1st coat Colour

UV Light – 60 Seconds

2nd coat Colour

UV Light – 60 Seconds

3rd coat Colour

UV Light – 60 Seconds

After 3 coats, your colour should look like this:

Step 4. Time for Top coat

You’re going to do one coat of top coat and put under the UV light for TWO MINUTES


The colour will last for 2-3 weeks

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